About Us

Classic Christian Radio on the internet is the result 50 years of interest in Radio broadcasting. Our Founder, Allan Gaskamp, became intrigued with the prospect of having a career in broadcast at an early age. After finishing school and completing a stint in the US Air Force, he became an on-air personality for a Christian station in Lubbock TX, working his way up to Program Director. After a change in management, he joined a station in Waco. He, then, went to work for the Christian publishing company, Word, Inc.

Allan never forgot the joy of being on the air and would produce little programs that he would put on the internet but not until a fortuitous meeting with the General Manager of another station in Dallas years later, did he even consider that radio was still possible. After doing some research, ClassicChristianRadio.com was on the air. The first song from Allan’s extensive Classic Contemporary Christian music library hit the airwaves on November 2015. The station was originally hosted on a free service but he soon saw the need to be sure that royalties were being handled correctly and the station moved to a permanent website 6 months later. The station is a fully accredited member of StreamLicensing and is a non-profit member of Artists In Christian Testimony, International.

All programming copyrights heard on the station are held by the various contributing ministries. For more information about the ministries and the programs that they provide, please visit our ministry page at http://www.classicchristianradio.com/